Hmm, what does “bennacin” mean? This Wolof word translates to “one cooking pot” and it is the name for one of my favorite Gambian meals. So, why I am I writing about Gambian food while still sitting in America? Well, thanks to the encouragement of a local Pastor who wanted to experience Gambian food I took on the adventurous (maybe crazy) task of preparing a Gambian meal for about 20 people! I have NEVER made a Gambian meal and I have only watched it be made over an open fire with many helpers. So, to accept this challenge and attempt to prepare this meal in an American kitchen, by myself and for a large group was definitely a little scary. Praise God, it turned out well without any cooking catastrophes (I may have a bit of a reputation for kitchen mishaps) and it was yummy! However, even better than the food was the wonderful fellowship and opportunity to share with a church group a little about how God has and is working in my life and in the ministry in The Gambia. If you or your church or small group want to hear more about The Gambia ministry and my journey click here to contact me.

I hope you enjoy these pictures comparing the bennacin process in the US and in The Gambia.



Prep work

Making sauce

Ready to start cooking

Cooking the chicken

Successful bennacin (there is rice under all the meat and veggies)

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