As I sit here sneezing and looking at my pollen covered Christmas colored car (red car with lots of green pollen) I am reflecting on the seasons.  I grew up in California where we have pretty much one season, sunny and mild.  As much as I enjoy California weather it was not until I moved to North Carolina that I realized how wonderful it is to have seasons and enjoy Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.  These season changes are such great reminders of God’s glory, provision and beautiful perfect design.  I am so glad that I have been able to spend Fall, Winter and Spring here in the US enjoying His amazing creation. 

In The Gambia we have two seasons, rainy and dry.  Right now, there are still a few months of dry season left before the rains begin and the planting of crops.  Dry season is hot, dusty and desolate; but the rain will come and all will be lush, fruitful, green and ripe for the harvest. 

All of us are in seasons of life right now whether it be a dry, cold and desolate feeling Winter or a lush, vibrant, lively Spring time or a hot, seemingly endless Summer or a Fall where things are changing greatly and some is falling away.  I pray that you might find the Lord’s peace in your season and I ask that you pray for the people of The Gambia and our team especially during this month of fasting.  To our earthly eyes this seems like a dry time spiritually and it can be hard to see that the harvest is coming. 

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