Pray Without Ceasing

As I sit here in the US I am thinking of and praying for my Gambian friends who will begin the Muslim month of fasting in the next few days (depends on the moon).  This is a difficult time for Gambian believers, for our team and other Christian workers around the world in Muslim countries and for those participating in the Ramadan fasting.  I would ask you to please join me in prayer for Muslims around the world during this month.  For more information about praying for Muslims around the world click here.    

In The Gambia this time is called “Weeri Kor”, the month of fasting and here are some ways you can join me specifically in praying for The Gambia.

-PRAY for Gambian believers that they would be strong during this season.   Many are forced to fast due to community pressure or if they want to eat at all. Pray for them to have an understanding of Christian fasting and grow closer to God during this time. Pray that they may be salt and light in their community and family.

-PRAY for the health of those fasting. It is very hot already and the risk of dehydration, electrolyte imbalances and death is real. Pray for the clinic and teammate T as she prays for and cares for those seeking medical attention. 

-PRAY for provision for The Gambians. Food prices are already higher than normal due to covid and the time of the year and they will increase this month. 

-PRAY that as The Gambians are fasting they would have visions or dreams or be convicted in other ways to seek the only path through Jesus. 

-PRAY for our team for protection Spiritually as this is a time of great spiritual warfare. 

-PRAY for language learning as this month is challenging and requires adjustments in the schedule of our language helpers. 

-PRAY for God to send more laborers to share the good news in The Gambia. 

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