Star Trek

Ok, I know you are wondering what Star Trek has to do with this ministry or life in The Gambia.  I will start by offending and maybe alienating some of you by saying I do not like Star Trek; although I have to admit I have never watched an entire episode.  Now, I will move on to the reason for this title.  A friend (who has probably stopped reading this) mentioned to me that many of my Gambian outfits look like something Whoopi Goldberg’s character wears on the show.  So, sometimes I think about Star Trek…… 

Well, today is the first day that I have truly wished, hoped, prayed, dreamed and whatever else that the teleporting capabilities as seen on that show were possible.  Many big events have happened since I came to live here (holidays, weddings, graduations, birthdays, funerals, babies, vacations and much more), but none like this.  A dear friend whom I have had the joy of watching grow into an amazing mature woman of God is taking the bold step of Believer’s Baptism this morning.  I know she will be surrounded by an amazing church family who loves her dearly. However, I so wish I could be there to pray, cheer, cry, shout and hug.  No one told me the path God set before me would be easy, but today it is a little extra challenging

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