All For Him

We had a great time last night with 15 people, 3 mission agencies (WEC, ABWE, BIMI), 4 nationalities (Gambian, Canadian, American, Korean) and one common ground a love of the Lord and a heart for the unreached Wolof of Senegal and The Gambia.  Ok, maybe we had two common grounds and the other was a love of pizza; we demolished 5 of them!  Yesterday, we were blessed by a visit from another mission agency and a young couple who have a heart to serve in the urban area of The Gambia.  They are interested in coming to stay with us here in the rural area for their first year to immerse themselves in Wolof language and culture.  I love seeing how God is bringing the laborers to the Wolof of the Gambia and I am excited to see what He will do through each of His humble servants.  Please keep joining us in prayer for more laborers and for His work to be done here.  It is all for Him that we serve. 

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