Many hats and hands

Being in ministry you quickly learn that there is no job description and you wear many different hats. I clearly remember being told during my surgical rotation in PA school that part of being a Physician Assistant is getting some extra arms and learning how to use those in all sorts of creative ways, they called me the human retractor (holding everything out of the way with my 8 arms). Earlier this week I took this muti-tasking and stretching of my skills and arms to a new level. Any old folks like me remember Mr. Gadget and his go go gadget arms? Boy, I could have used those.

We were short staffed at our clinic and the ambulance driver had a baby naming ceremony for his new grandson so I was covering. Well, of course at 8am a pregnant lady with pre eclampsia came in (for those that don’t know this can progress and cause a major seizure and death to mom or baby). So, she needed to go to the nearby hospital leegi leegi (now now) and that meant I had to drive AND take care of her medical needs on the 30 minute drive. No joke, I told her escort who rode with us to tell me if the patient passed out, had a seizure or the baby was coming so that I could stop the car and hop in the back to help. Needless to say I prayed like crazy and just tried to focus on driving. Praise God we made it without issue and mom and baby are well. AND I did not have to change that bed cover again!!!

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