Pulling and pushing, twisting and turning

Ok ladies, we have all had the challenging task of pulling, pushing, twisting and turning to get on a pair of pantyhose or tights.  I have a new respect for all of you mommas; I cannot even begin to imagine how hard of a task that is to do on a squirming two-year old!  As I wrestled trying to get this cover on our obstetrics bed at the clinic one morning at 7am it felt like putting on a pair of hose.  It seemed all I was doing was fighting it and going the wrong direction.  I did succeed in the task and the cover is on, but getting there was not easy.  Of course, this got me thinking about all the times I fight, struggle, pull, push, twist, turn and go the wrong direction in my life and ministry. 

This has been a week with lots of unexpected (to me, God knew) changes in plans, twists and turns.  In case you did not know it, I am a planner and I admit that sometimes when God changes my plans I pull, push, twist and turn before finally surrendering to His perfect plan.  This week in the changes He gave me a complete peace and submission from the beginning.  I easily surrendered and just said it is your day and your plans Lord.  With that easy surrender and peace from the Lord He opened some amazing opportunities.  Opportunities to serve others, pray with them in the name of Jesus, see His abundant answer to prayers, see His protection, see His provision.  He allowed me to come alongside my neighbors and shed tears in their grieving as well as celebrate in their joy.  It has been an exhausting week physically and emotionally, but a great week with the Lord.  There are also plenty of times that I pull, push, twist and turn against the Lords plans just like those hose, but this week was a beautiful gift from Him that I pray I can experience even more of. 

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