I am back online after a few weeks of a wonderful vacation in the urban area of The Gambia. My time of vacation was exactly what I needed and was filled with lots of sleep, time with the Lord, relaxing reading, ocean breezes and sunshine (even though it is rainy season, there was little rain). I took this picture of the sunrise behind a boat named “Sunshine” on one of my early morning beach walks where I spent a lot of time listening to God. It was a blessing to be able to rest and refill especially with all of the upcoming transitions and the impending clinic closure in December. Please continue to pray for this closure and wisdom in the many decisions that have to be made.

Upon returning to the village of Ndungu Kebbeh I was ready to jump into some clinic work and other opportunities by serving alongside of a wonderful team from Life Pointe Church in Woodland, CA. For those that don’t know it, I was born and raised in CA (my family is still there) and so it was extra fun having all of us Californians together. This team was such a blessing to myself, Gambian believers and some Gambians who are open to the gospel. They truly let the Son Shine through them as they jumped into serving, praying, studying God’s word and embracing what each day held. If you or your church are interested in serving alongside of our team in The Gambia there are many opportunities to see how the Lord is working here and to be an encouragement to our team. Let me know if the Lord leads you to come for a visit and let the Son Shine through you in this place. It is not all hard work and roughing it, we do have beautiful beaches, sunshine and we are known as “The Smiling Coast” of Africa.

Over the last few days there has been some major flooding and damage especially in the urban area and more flooding is predicted for tomorrow. Pray for the sun to shine, to dry out the wet places and for the right amount of rain for the farms.

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