I think all of us in the USA can appreciate that Amazon certainly makes our lives easier. As I start to prepare for my return to The Gambia in August more and more Amazon packages will be arriving and I will be preparing myself to say goodbye to this wonderful service. Yep, there are no Amazon deliveries in The Gambia. Over the years many of you have asked if you can send care packages to me and although we do have mail service it is not reliable, shipping is very expensive and I have to pay lots of money in taxes on anything that arrives. So, anytime we have the opportunity to place items on a shipping container that is heading our way we take advantage of it. Some team mates are in the midst of the very stressful process of planning and packing a shipping container to come to The Gambia and there is a little room left for some of my essentials (can you say coffee please). If anyone would like to help out with the purchase of needed personal items that will be packed into this shipping container please check out my Amazon wish list .

Please note all items must arrive by April 15th at the absolute latest and be shipped directly to my teammate’s home: Alison Dominguez 113 South St. Secretary, MD 21664

A special thanks to the Reed Family and prayers appreciated as they navigate the challenges of packing a shipping container, selling their home, and their upcoming transition to The Gambia.

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