Unique Opportunities

One of the things that I really try to do is to take whatever opportunities are available to share biblical truths.  I am not saying I don’t miss many opportunities that the Lord provides, but I try to be on the lookout for them.  So, yesterday I met the plumber at our guesthouse for the first time and as usually occurs here the conversation turned quickly to marriage. 

It went something like this: “Hi, how are you, how is your family, how are the people of your town, do you have a husband, have you ever been married, do you have children, and then….. I need a wife do you want to marry me!”  While most of you reading this are probably a little shocked by this very real conversation, it is actually very common here and I have a lot of typical responses to these questions and creative ways to turn down the many marriage proposals.  However, in the urban area things are a little different and I did not feel comfortable teasing and telling him he was just ugly and that was why I did not marry him (yep, I do that fairly frequently). 

So, I went to my answer that usually completely shuts down the marriage conversation and I told him I was a follower of Jesus and I only wanted a husband who was a follower of Jesus.  Well, this did not dissuade him and we got into a conversation about how he has studied about Jesus but that he is following Muhammed.  He told me he could still marry me even though I was a follower of Jesus and he told me I was not going to find a husband in this country who was a follower of Jesus.  This allowed me to explain a little more about what Scripture says about marriage between believers and about what it really means to know and to love Jesus and to have Him in your life.  Pray for A and that his studying about Jesus would lead to him following Jesus.   

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