Jubiliant Joy

For the last few months I have been studying through Psalms and yesterday in Psalm 68 I read about the righteous being “jubilant with joy”.  Wow, that word “jubilant” is certainly not one that I use very often and when I looked it up (thanks google) it is defined as “feeling or expressing great happiness and triumph”.  I know that we are all struggling with the events of the recent days.  Many of you in the United States are under limitations, some of which are extreme as the US tries bravely to slow this virus and many of you are in the trenches of the battles in the hospitals, the doctors offices, the ICU’s, the pharmacies, the labs and much more.  So, as we navigate these unprecedented, confusing, challenging times can we be “jubilant with joy”? 

Yes!  For those who know Christ as their saviour we absolutely can and we can show this joy, hope and peace in the challenges to those around us as we remember we have the triumph because we serve a sovereign Lord.

As I write this there are  no cases in this country and it is pretty much life as normal.  However, the cases in surrounding countries are increasing in numbers so it is likely a matter of time.  We are paying close attention to the recommendations of our wonderful and diligent ABWE family, the governments of the US and The Gambia, the CDC and WHO and I am doing a lot of praying and praising God with “jubilant joy”. 

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