Sometimes we all need to take a good day of rest.  One of the things that we learned a lot about in all of our pre-field training was missionary care.  Unfortunately, ministry burnout is very high.  We learned about taking care of our relationships with the Lord, our families and ourselves.  I knew this would be a challenge living where I am in a culture that does not understand a desire for “alone time”.  Every few months while in the city on a grocery run I try to build in a “me day” to rest.  Yes, those days involve a lot of sleep but they also involve time with God to just refresh and fill up.  By the way my favorite “me days” are the ones where I get to stay in my pajamas all day long.  I hope and pray each of you makes the time for rest and filling up, we need those days (not just a few minutes here and there) to be our best for the work He has set before us.  And if you have never tried it a PJ day is a wonderful thing. 

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