Anything That Walks In the Door…

When people ask me what kind of patients and problems we see at our rural medical clinic my reply is usually that we see “anything that walks in the door”.  Well, this week has been an interesting one in the clinic and I was reminded that my statement isn’t always true.  We see anyone that walks, crawls, limps or is carried in one way or another into the clinic.  I took care of kids kicked in the heads by donkeys (I hope my suturing is ok as he may have a nice hoof shaped scar); adults and children with coughs, colds and bad pneumonia; seizing children; mumps; a guy who was knocked down when a car hit him, many with high blood pressure and joint pains, a few diabetics and the clinic had a delivery as well as offered childhood immunizations.  

This week I helped with many physical needs, but I pray that I helped with spiritual needs also.  Today was a very hectic clinic day and included a ride to the local hospital with a patient in the ambulance. I found myself wishing I had slowed down a little and taken more time to pray with my patients in the name of Jesus.  As I was closing up our pharmacy I was regretting the missed opportunities and beating myself up a bit about it.  Then as an answer to my prayers a teammate came to me and shared of a very distressing home situation with one of our national workers and she said “come with me, we need to pray”.  We had the opportunity to pray with him and also share about the power of the almighty God whom we serve.  

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