It’s Fall Y’all

The seasons do change here in The Gambia, but we only have two; Rainy Season and Not Rainy Season.  Late October and November are the much needed welcome to our dry season (aka not rainy season).  This means that most days the humidity is low and the sweating is much less; we have cool/crisp mornings with temperatures in the low 70’s requiring me to put on a fleece jacket or grab a blanket; sleeping is downright pleasant and occasionally I even have to pull on my bedspread and my extra hot coffee tastes extra good on those cool mornings.  This also means watermelon season, grasshoppers galore (for some reason there are extra this year) and these little tiny bugs that love to live in your clothes and sheets and towels and are crawling all over me right now as I type this!  And while Mango and Cashew trees do drop some of their leaves I can only enjoy Fall colors in the pictures of the North Carolina mountains so keep posting them on Facebook.  

Fall just like in the US is harvest time and I need to stop and praise the Lord for His abundant provision of a peanut and millet crop this year.  We thought the rains might be too late, but God in His perfect timing brought just the right amount at just the right time.  As I hear the sounds of the peanuts being shelled and sorted I am reminded of just how good He is and how He hears and answers our prayers.  Thank you for joining with us in those prayers, the people here know you have been praying and they see the power of prayer in the name of Jesus.  

Fall also signifies a busy time for our team and we would appreciate your prayers for the next few weeks and months.  Fall is always a time of more visitors (they know the weather is better) here and the next few months will be no exception to that.  We are thrilled to be seeing some friendly smiling faces and be encouraged by new and old members of our ABWE family and we ask for your prayers for good travels and that they may see what the Lord is doing here.  Thank you and Happy Fall Y’all! 

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