I actually cannot believe that I have yet to make a blog post about coffee, but here it is finally.  Many of you know that I enjoy a good cup of coffee.  It isn’t just the fabulous smell or the little caffeine jolt, but it is the whole experience of slowing down, really being present and taking in that morning cup.  When I am in the US I enjoy the whole coffee shop experience and have had some wonderful conversations, prayers, counseling sessions, and shed many a tear in my local Starbucks. 

I admit I miss my Starbucks “family” and that precious early morning time with a dear friend.  There is no Starbucks here but my original shipping container from the US contained about 40 pounds of coffee that I grind by hand each morning and make in my French press.  I actually drink more coffee since moving here and rarely go a day without it.  Now before you start thinking is she addicted to coffee?  It is really the experience of the coffee drinking that I enjoy.  A few months ago we were watching a sermon and the pastor asked “Can you give God the glory when you are drinking a cup of coffee?” and I replied out loud with a resounding yes. 

When I sit down with my bible and my cup of coffee it makes me take a deep breath and savor the moment, it sets my heart and attitude on the giver of the coffee and the creator of the beans.   This morning, my coffee routine did not go as planned (see the picture).  Yep, the mug crashed on the tile floor and the coffee and mug went flying.  I admit that I was sad, but it made me remember why I enjoy the coffee and that although I loved the mug and I love the coffee the time, the grounding and the presence that it gives me in the midst of this crazy West African life is what it is all about. 

my normal cup of coffee
this morning’s mess

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