Did you know that I have a beautiful guestroom here just waiting for visitors?  As I type this, a very special friend who brought me to The Gambia for the first time in 2014 is on her way here.  Please pray for R and the long journey ahead of her and pray for her time here in The Gambia especially her conversations with many Gambian friends about the truth of Jesus.  I spent the weekend preparing her guestroom and after finding a deadly snake hiding out in my doorway I also spent extra time making sure her room was “de-crittered”.  The room is now ready, hopefully will remain critter free and comes equipped with 1 solar powered ceiling fan and 1 solar powered bedside fan.  Yes, getting here is hard and this is not an Airbnb advertisement for just anyone.  However, especially during this season of transition if the Lord puts it on your heart to come and see His work and encourage our team while you serve alongside of us please let me know.  Rainy season has started, fields are being tilled and planting is beginning.  The earthly harvest as well as the gospel harvest are coming soon, but the laborers are few.  Would you consider being our guest?

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