Quiet Time

My morning quiet time with the Lord in my rural village home looks and sounds very different than it does in the US.  First of all, many times it isn’t very quiet.  I like to sit outside and look at God’s beautiful creation; this means many times I am interrupted by greetings or asks from our workers and if it isn’t people interrupting me the darn pigeons and donkeys can be pretty loud!  In addition to dripping sweat and having a damp bible from the humidity I also had to fight off a bunch of flies this morning.  Yep, I was sitting there with my cup of coffee, bible, journal, pen and fly swatter!  There is also more of an urgency and need to my quiet time here.  In this spiritually, emotionally and physically hard place you cannot even pretend you can get through even a few hours without the Lord carrying you.  So, I cherish my hours in the morning and my extra long time under the gorgeous star filled African sky on Sundays.  I pray you enjoy some time (hopefully quiet) with the Lord today. 

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