One of my prayers most mornings and throughout the day is “Lord, help me to see the opportunities you are providing today to pray in the name of Jesus and share your truths”.  I wish I could say I am always good at slowing down, seeing and taking advantage of those opportunities but I am not.  However, over the last week He has provided some very special times and clear cut opportunities that I have been able to embrace and I wanted to share with you…..

Last week a man came to me asking for prayers for his adult son who had been refusing to eat or drink for many days and was dying.  I was able to shift what I had been doing, go to their home, visit with this man and his family and pray for them in the name of Jesus.  He is still alive and I am still praying. 

Today we had some good time together as a team while we drove around looking for a place to fill gas bottles for our homes.  We then went to visit and pay our respects to a woman whose father had died, she wasn’t there so we returned home and God made it clear to me shortly after that He had other plans for my morning.  I came home and sat down to do some computer work, but not long after I turned on my computer our guard came to my home saying a friend was at our gate and needed me to see a sick patient.  I wish I could say I joyfully jumped up to go take care of them, but I didn’t grumble too much about what I perceived as an “interruption”.  I went to my friend who said her daughter-in-law was in labor and they had been to the other clinic in town and the worker was not there.  Well, I don’t like doing deliveries so my “plan” was get the ambulance and get her to the hospital ASAP.  We drove to the house next door to the other clinic where the woman in labor had ended up and yep, the baby decided not to wait.  She was already there when I arrived laying on a cold and wet cement porch.  I jumped in to try and warm her up and checked over the mom.  Both mom and baby were and are doing great.  Everyone kept thanking me, ummm…. I had done nothing but show up.  However, sometimes just showing up speaks volumes to those around us and is an opportunity to share Christ’s love.  Since they were doing so well I decided they could just go home and I was able to give them a ride home and help them get settled in.  Once settled all the women of the compound and family came in and prayed for the baby and I was able to pray for this beautiful little girl and her mom in the name of Jesus. 

I came home and after cleaning myself up wanted to make a quick phone call to the US to handle some insurance issues.  Again, God had another idea and the “quick call” turned into an hour (praise God they called me back and it was on their bill) long conversation with a young man working on his masters in divinity and both of us sharing stories of God’s faithfulness in the big and the small things.  We were able to encourage each other and to pray with each other, wow! 

Now, I am sitting down and honestly procrastinating a little before I do a budget for the clinic but I really wanted to share these stories with you.  Biddy Oswald the wife of great evangelist Oswald Chambers used the term the “ministry of interruptions” and living in Africa really helps me to see that the things that I perceive as interruptions are really just God given opportunities.  So, I continue to pray that I may see and embrace this life which is a constant “ministry of interruptions”. 

P.S. I only received two new “opportunities” (interruptions) while typing this blog J

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