I recently found myself repeatedly saying to our visitors “keys are the bane of my existence”.  Yes, that is a strong statement and probably not accurate all of the time.  However, many days that statement is true.  Let me share with you a little about my KEYS

Did you know key’s are a necessary and stylish fashion accessory.  Most of the time if you find me working somewhere you will find me with 2-3 different sets around my neck.  Yes, my neck hurts many times at the end of the day.  However, keeping them around my neck is the only way to make sure I have them when I need them and that I don’t lose them or lock them in somewhere.  What is really frustrating is when I have 3 sets around my neck and that one key I need isn’t there.  (Right now, I am taking a risk and only have one set on).  It is critical that everything here be placed under lock and key, otherwise things may walk away to where it is perceived there is a greater need for them. 

Each set of keys is tied to a specific role that I help to carry out here on our compound.  

These two sets are for my house, one for the main doors / gates and one for the inside locking cabinets and storage sheds.

This set is for my hospitality duties and includes a key to every house on our property.  We have had many visitors in the last few months which is great, but it has involved a lot of rotating of beds and other furniture requiring multiple trips in and out of each house. 

Here are my clinic keys; by far the biggest set.  For all of you who work in hospitals or large office buildings think about how often you swipe a badge to get through a door….  Yep, no badges here but lots of keys and of course each door has a different key.  Included in the clinic keys are the ambulance keys, the pharmacy, the new TV cabinet and much more. 

These two sets are for our ongoing construction project, one for me and one for the construction foreman (that he has to return to me nightly to make sure supplies don’t get re-appropriated). 

Ok, some of you may be thinking those keys aren’t too bad.  Um, did I mention that in addition to these keys that I carry with me most of the time there is this key cabinet with car keys, shed keys, house keys and lots of keys that I have no idea what they open AND a bowl of keys in my house for use by our workers.  So, if I am a little hunched over or grumbling about keys next time I am in the US I hope you will understand and I hope this makes you appreciate keyless entry, badge swipes and code entries. 

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