Ch, Ch, Ch, Changes!

Anyone else find themselves singing that line of the song ch, ch, ch, changes hundreds or even thousands of times over the last few months!  Yes, the theme of 2020 is probably changes and you know what, as hard as these changes are many of them are great things. 

Today, I had “planned” (missionaries learn quickly to always use that word loosely hence I always write it in quotes) to be on an airplane headed to the United States for my first furlough.  But, God had other plans that are much better than my own and His timing is perfect.  Our borders closed 45 days ago and that closure was just extended until early June, so while I have a plane ticket now for late June only God knows when planes will fly and I will be arriving in the US. 

I am trying to enjoy this extra time and work closely with my team as we navigate the challenges of covid19 prevention both in the clinic and in our community.  I am spending a lot of time in prayer and also educating people about covid19, but more importantly sharing about the God who is Lord over this virus, who is never changing, who is sovereign and who saves through His son Jesus.  Just in the last few weeks because of covid19 I have been able to have some very good conversations with some of my non believing national friends and I praise God for that time and opportunity He has given. 

So, today I strive to embrace all the changes in the midst of allowing myself to mourn for a bit the losses (small and large) that also come along with this pandemic and through it all I am praising the Lord.  

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